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Mobile Manipulation | Manipulation of Specific Mobiles

Where a mobile is in the course of being put to an unlawful use, it can only be disabled by taking it out of service. This procedure is normally under the control of the network operator, and will take hours, if not days, to complete. In theory it would also be possible to disrupt use of the mobile by taking down the whole network, but this is an unacceptable solution because of the disruption to commerce and normal life. As well, radio frequency jammers may be used to block all mobile communication within a specific area, but this is only practicable where a designated location is suspected in advance. This also temporarily prevents normal use of all mobiles in that area.

The SOS Technology solution is unique since it can selectively intercept, monitor and alter the operation of individual selected mobile devices whilst allowing other mobile phones in the network to function normally. This network based Data Manipulation Solution can change the status of a selected phone and disable it completely by preventing it from making or receiving any calls. In addition, it allows manipulation of SMS messages in real time. The effect is achieved discretely.

Specifically it,

  • prevents specific mobile phones making outgoing calls;
  • prevents specific mobile phones from receiving incoming calls;
  • provides a ring tone no reply to the caller;
  • prevents SMS text messages from being delivered;
  • alters, and then passes on, SMS text messages in real time;
  • indentifies devices through MSISDN (phone number) or IMEI (handest identifier);

The system is controlled remotely from a secure monitoring centre under the control of the security agency. This prevents outside interference in the operation of the system, or reliance upon any other agencies. It operates in real time and instantly implements instructions. The system can therefore instantaneously disrupt unlawful activities without reliance on other agencies to implement time critical instructions.

The system uses a rules based approach to automate the operation of data manipulation capability